Computer Advice

PC help and advice given on which computer or what computer system or computer equipment to buy.

There are many factors to consider when buying a new computer be it a desktop, laptop, notebook, tower or server. At the heart of the computer is the processor which one you choose depends on your budget and what the computer will be used for. Computer memory is another factor to consider and will affect performance. Other computer components that need to be taken into consideration are hard drive capacity and graphics capabilities.

Computer Repair

Providing a computer repair service to solve your computer problems.

Computer repair technician offering on-site or off-site computer repairs.

Hardware repairs to all makes and models of desktop computers, laptops, Mac's.

Computer peripheral repair such as mouse, keyboard, printers and scanners.

Removal of Viruses, Adware, Spyware and Trojans.

Operating System reinstallation.

Data recovery and back up services.

Computer Support

Telephone, Email and IM support.

Remote and Onsite assistance.

Computer Maintenance

Computer cleaning exterior and interior including removal of dust and debris from cooling fans, power supplies and hardware components.

Disk Maintenance to remove unwanted files and improve performance.

Perform software updates with improvements or to correct bugs.

Preventative maintenance to stop things going wrong in the first place.

Computer Networks

Home computer network solutions: Allowing computers and equipment to communicate with each other. A network can be used to share files and documents, an internet connection, printers and scanners. Stream video and music.