Hello my name is Andrew. I am an IT specialist and I am able to implement, monitor, troubleshoot and maintain IT systems such as computer hardware and software. I have a broad knowledege of technologies and enjoy solving problems. I have a passion for computers and technology you could say I am a Technophile as I like and am ethusiastic about technology. I am able to make sure your computer systems and devices are working as they should. I can install new hardware, software and give technical support. I am a skilled freelance IT professional and I'm happy to offer my time to help you today.

I provide IT services for individuals and small businesses which include help, advice, network installations, maintenance, repair, databases, website design and hosting. As an IT service provider I can talk to you to understand your needs and objectives. With this information As a technical computer consultant I am able to help companies use technology effectiveley and grow their businesses and solve problems.

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