At an early age I was always taking things apart to see how they worked. I have always had an interest in electronics and computers. In the early eighties I bought my first computer second hand which was the Acorn Atom. I often got Electronics magazines an saw an advert for a modular computer system you could build yourself at your own pace by buying bare boards sourcing your own components or buying from the Greenbank Electronics. Interak 1 was the name of the system which was an arrangement of plug in cards each with its own function. In early 1985 I ordered my first board which was the video interface. Some months later I ordered the parts and card frame and over months and years built up a system which I still have to this day. Over the years I have also bought or aquired other computer systems which gave me an insight into other types of hardware on operating systems. Most of my later education has been Engineering based and in the early nineties I did an HND in Software Engineering.

With over 25 years of experience with computer systems and software I am able to offer the following services to Home users and small businesses.

Why 2BKX and what does it mean?

It was my Grandfathers callsign that was issued to him by the general post office in the 1920's when he was conducting wireless transmitter experiments.

He was issued an "artificial aerial" licence which were issued between 1920 - 1939 starting with the number 2 followed by three letters. This licence allowed him to build a "non-radiating" wireless sending apparatus meaning that the signals will not radiate outside of the building in which it was installed. It was intended that the effects produced by the transmitter could be detected or measured either by direct connection or within a few feet using a receiver with an "open" aerial.

Experimental Wireless Station in 1927

Experimetnal Wireless Station 1927